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Korra and Asami Video Comic WIP #4 (Kind of...) by SandraLVV
Korra and Asami Video Comic WIP #4 (Kind of...)
I really don't know how to apologize... I've been suffering the worst mental constipation case ever.

This is the first sketch I've drawn in 2 months, and I hate to feel like this because this proyect is halfway done and I can't stand the idea of leaving it like that... so, I promise I'll try to make this work.

I'll be answering your messages as soon as I can... sorry too for taking so long with those.
Korra and Asami Video Comic WIP #3 by SandraLVV
Korra and Asami Video Comic WIP #3

Raava, give me strenght! I’m almost half way there! I was kind of sad I couldn’t finish this on time for Valentine’s Day, but then I thought “it’s been 10 years since ATLA aired and people still look for fanart online, maybe in 10 years someone will look for LOK fanart and find this… and I want them to see a DAMN GOOD KORRASAMI PIECE”… so I won’t rush it just to make a deadline. That said, I’m gonna take a week off or so to check out some fanarts and fanfics and answer some messages on dA and youtube (because I still know shit about messages on tumblr :S)

Raava, dame fuerza! Casi voy a la mitad! Estaba algo triste de no terminar esto para el Día del Amor, pero luego pensé “han pasado 10 años desde ATLA y la gente sigue buscándolo en linea, quizá en 10 años alguien buscará LOK y encuentre esto… y quiero que vean una GRAN PIEZA KORRASAMI”… así que no pienso apurarme para cumplir un plazo. Dicho eso, me voy a tomar una semana para ver fanarts, leer algunos fanfics y contestar mensajes en dA y youtube (porque sigo sin saber como funciona tumblr :S)

Korra and Asami Video Comic WIP #2 by SandraLVV
Korra and Asami Video Comic WIP #2

A little update to let you know I’m more alive than ever… survived the heart-attack that the finale, the post Bryke confirmation and wedding day gave me… and I’m still working on this. Going through a little of a writer’s block (yeah, if you draw a story you have to write it first) and I’m fighting with the dialogue. But I’m on pic 18 out of… maybe 60? and not giving up.

---> Sorry, blocked comments because I'm still struggling with answering messages. :S

Pequeña actualización para hacerles saber que sigo viva… sobreviví el paro cardiaco que el final, la confirmación de Bryke y la boda me dieron… y sigo trabajando en esto. Estoy pasando un pequeño bloqueo de escritor (si, si dibujas una historia debes escribirla primero) y me estoy peleando con el diálogo. Pero voy en la imagen 18 de… talvez 60? y no me rindo.

---> Perdón, bloqueé los comentarios porque todavía tengo problemas para contestar mensajes. :S

Korrasami Wedding Day (SLVV) by SandraLVV
Korrasami Wedding Day (SLVV)

Tabloids waste no time to publish compromising photos of the happy couple on their big day. (Photo courtesy of —->

   Republic City witnessed the wedding between Avatar Korra and head of Future Industries, Asami Sato.

   The Wedding was preceded in the Spirit World by the legendary Iroh, and only a select group of relatives and friends of the couple attended the event. But for some of us, it was an historic occasion to be invited to the reception which took place at the Sato Mansion, where a large number of guest were reunited, including media from the Fire Nation, Water Tribes and newspapers from all over the newly established Earth Federation.

   According to the sources close to the couple, the wedding was surprising to some, but predicted by others. Apparently the relationship between the Avatar and the businesswoman quietly grew from a rivalry for a man (the detective Mako, who was present) to gradually transform into a friendship and later into a romance.

   We talked a little with the happy couple after the ceremony, both women looked radiant and pleased, but even a little restless to be to focus of attention of the media community.

“I’m a very lucky woman,” said Avatar Korra, “despite the difficulties of being responsible for maintaining balance in the world, I thank the spirits to have found the person who brings peace and stability to my life… and lots of joy, of course.”

“My work is based on visualizing and planning future projects, but nothing prepared me for her.” explains the heiress of Future Industries, referring to her new wife. “I never would have imagined, given the circumstances in which we met, that our feelings would transform so now my soul is filled with joy just at the thought of being by her side.”

   Nobody knows what adventures the future beholds for the powerful couple, but we are sure that, whatever the challenge, they will overcome it together.

La prensa amarillista no pierde tiempo para publicar evidencia comprometedora de la feliz pareja en su gran día. (Foto cortesía de —->

   Ciudad República fue testigo de la boda entre el Avatar Korra y la cabeza de Industrias Futuro, Asami Sato.

   La boda fue precedida en el mundo de los espíritus por el legendario Iroh, y solo un grupo selecto de amigos y familiares de la pareja fue testigo del evento. Pero para los demás, fue un acontecimiento histórico el ser invitados a la recepción que tuvo lugar en la Mansión Sato, donde se reunió un gran número de asistentes, entre ellos medios de la Nación del Fuego, la Tribu de Agua y periódicos de todas partes de la recién instituida Federación de la Tierra.

   De acuerdo con fuentes cercanas a la pareja, la boda fue para algunos sorpresiva, pero predicha por otros. Aparentemente la relación entre el Avatar y la empresaria creció discretamente a partir de una rivalidad por un hombre (el detective Mako, quien estuvo presente), para transformarse poco a poco en una amistad y tiempo después en un noviazgo.

   Hablamos un poco con la feliz pareja después de la ceremonia, ambas mujeres se veían radiantes y contentas, aunque un poco inquietas al ser el centro de atención de la comunidad mediática.

“Soy una mujer muy afortunada,” comentó el Avatar Korra, “a pesar de las dificultades que conlleva el ser responsable de mantener el equilibrio en el mundo, agradezco a los espíritus el haber encontrado a la persona que trae paz y estabilidad a mi vida… y mucha, mucha alegría, por supuesto.”

“Mi trabajo tiene mucho que ver con visualizar y planear proyectos a futuro, pero no estaba preparada para ella.” explica la heredera de Industrias Futuro, refiriéndose a su flamante esposa. “Nunca hubiera imaginado, dadas las circunstancias en las que nos conocimos, que nuestros sentimientos se transformaran de tal manera que ahora mi ser se llena de gozo con solo pensar en estar a su lado.”

   Nadie sabe qué aventuras le depare a la poderosa pareja, pero de lo que estamos seguros es que, sea cual sea el desafío, lo superarán juntas.


---> Traditional Chinese Correction by:

(I'm sure there are still some bugs, but thanks for the help.)



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MilkmanOfMiami Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2015
It's been months since you were online and I was just wondering if you're okay.
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So, just have to say that your Korrasami art is my absolute fav =)
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Hi! I just wanted to say how much i love your Korrasami art and the animations on youtube :) they look like actual screenshots! Anyways, keep drawing, seriously love the work (:
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I hope your doing well!! Korrasami lives on!! I'm sure your excited about this!! I also hope that you didnt' give up on your comic!! I haven't given up on my art as well :)
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you need to watch these video american artist job are at stack
Hey did you knew that the Story will continue as a Comic (just like Avatar)

And not only that... the first Comics will be about KORRASAMI

and... "People might be disappointed they’re not doing an animated series, but Mike points out it gives them the freedom to do other things they wouldn't have been able to otherwise."

Maybe they're talking about an actual Kiss
Grox9909 Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oh uh hi, what kind of program do you use for your Korrasami videos?
SandraLVV Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I went to a little animation course and they taught us to use some Adobe packages... so, I use Photoshop for the images and After Effects to compose the video.
JYoko777 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2015  Professional Filmographer
Yoko want's to make sure your okay! I missed your birthday but I hope it was a happy one!! Also Keep drawing!!!
SandraLVV Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had a great birthday, thank you. :hug:
I'm just coming back from an artist block and I hope I can finish the new art work I'm doing... hope you'll like it. 
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