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(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)
WARNING!: Highly angsty and tragic. BOTH characters DIE in the end. Read on your own risk. (1,600words)


Perseorra and Medusami

  Asami was used to solitude, surrounded by the statues of lost-name heroes so called champions who had tried to slay her. None rival, none deliverer. Sometimes she even wished for one of them to succeed, to finally bring peace to her life of loneliness... but it was just so fun to watch them try.

  Asami’s bifurcated tongue nipped out and caught a scent. It was like no other before... a touch of sweat, a touch of ocean breeze and salt, a touch of sand and mud... and a touch of blood. A warrior, no doubt, someone here to claim her head, she was sure, but yet different. Anyhow, she could use some entertainment tonight.

  She followed the scent just to find the unusual source.

“A woman?” she muttered to herself from behind a column, far away from the girl’s sight.

  The warrior looked unlike previous ones. Not just her gender, but every one of the slayers that had come here were clearly afraid of what they could find. And with all reason, no one has ever leaved. But this girl, this... enemy, looked strong and confident, even mighty. This was going to be a nice statue to watch on those long lonely nights.

  She smiled to herself.

“What brings you here, oh great hero.” Asami talked to the air, letting her voice to echo through the temple.

  The warrior turned all around, not sure of where the voice came from. She was disconcerted... of all the monsters she have defeated before none of them had had such a sweet voice.

“I’m here to claim your head, you monster!” The woman shout, brandishing her blade.

“Monster?” Asami inquire, leaving out a soft and melodic giggle. “I’m not the one looking for things to kill.”

  The sword woman was sure taken aback by the sudden realization. But she was a hero and this was her job.

“Tell me your name, champion, so I could carve it in your grave.”

“I’m Korra, daughter of Tonraq, leader of the southern lands! I’m the protector of people and guardian of peace!”

  Asami couldn’t help but to laugh.

“You don’t fool me, guardian of peace. You’re here for glory, glory that only slaughtering me will give you.”

  Korra turned around again, hearing the voice getting closer and closer. It was dark, and the torches nearby gave her only a couple of feet of clear view.

“Come here, monster, so I can show you glory.” Korra teased.

“I have a name, you know. Well, I used to have one... when I was mortal, like you.”


“You think all us ‘monsters’ just pop out the ground? No. I was once the priestess of this temple, but when I refused to surrender my body to the god I served... he turned me into this.”

  Korra saw a shadow moving through the pillars. It looked like a snake, a big one.

“You’re lying.”

“Why would I?” Asami said amused. “You’re not leaving this place alive anyway.”

  Something moved behind Korra, making her turn again.

“Then who are you?” Korra asked to the empty halls. “What’s your name?”

“My name... is Asami. I was the daughter of the richest man on these lands. It was expected from me to serve our god. But when he tried to take me I fought back... and this was the price I paid.”

  Suddenly a female figure walked in front of Korra, although ‘walk’ wasn’t the correct word to describe it. From hips up Korra was sure she had never laid eyes on such a beautiful woman, loose long raven hair, full red lips, perfectly shaped breast... but from hips down the woman had the body of a huge snake that slid smoothly over the ground.

  Korra noticed the creature’s eyes were closed.

“But you killed all those people.” Korra said still in a defensive stand.

“Do you think I looked for that to happen? Do you think I enjoyed it?”

“Then why?”

“At first I couldn’t helped it. I was cursed with eyes that can turn living things into stone.” Asami moved through the pillars, making Korra’s sight to follow her. She approached to one of the worn out statues and continued. “I wanted them to help me... but as soon as my eyes locked on theirs...”

  Asami touched the old rock and it crumbled.

“And the heroes?”

“They came here to kill me! What did you expected me to do?!”

  Korra chuckled softly.

“What’s so funny?”

“You’re a fighter, just like me.” Korra pointed, sheathing her sword.

  Asami identified the sound of the blade being putting back on its scabbard. She turned to face Korra, her eyes still closed.

“You’re not going to try and kill me?”

“Well, all of this makes things a little different. To me looks like you’re the lady in distress. I’m the hero, so I’m supposed to help you.”

“You are a very strange hero, Korra.” Asami said with a smile. “How do you know I’m not lying?”

“I wasn’t supposed to leave this place alive, remember?”

  Both women laughed. The scene was as bizarre as it could get. Korra thought she was going to find a heartless beast and Asami thought a brainless warrior was after her... life sure takes many twist and turns.

“Um... Korra, can I ask you something?”


“Do you have something to cover my eyes, like a belt or a piece of fabric? It’s becoming really hard for me not to look at you... and I really don’t want to kill you.”

“I wouldn’t want that either.” Korra replied, content. “Here.”

  Korra ripped up one of her sleeves and handed it to Asami. Their skins brushed for a second and Asami felt her cheeks blush a little. She put the blindfold over her eyes.

“You’re... cold.” Korra stated.

“I know. I’m sorry.” Asami answered, embarrassed.

“Don’t be.” Korra felt silent for a moment. “Can I... touch you?” Korra noticed how Asami’s body tensed. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

“I know... it’s just... It’s been so long since...”

  Asami jumped a little when she felt Korra’s hand taking hers. A firm, warm, rough but gentle hand caressed her forearm, up to her shoulder, giving her goose bumps while it kept traveling over her clavicle and to her jaw. She couldn’t help to breathe deeper and heavier at the sensation.

  Korra placed her hand on Asami’s cheek making her leave out a soft sigh. She noticed a little wet mark on the fabric over the creature’s eyes.

  ‘Creature’ became such a rude term for her to use now... she felt so guilty to have called her ‘monster’.

“Korra.” Asami murmured when she felt warm fingers brushing her lips.

“I wish I could have met you before.” Korra declare, still caressing that cold, marbled skin.

“Before I became a monster?” Asami said with a trembling voice.

“Before you lose hope.”

  Asami couldn’t help to fall apart.

  Korra caught her, letting the woman cry over her chest.

“I’m sorry I failed you, Asami.” Korra said, tightening her embrace.

“Deliver me.”

“I can’t.”

“Korra... please... make this all end... please.”

  The great hero of the south felt a lump in her throat.

“If I did that, I’ll be the monster.”

“Please, Korra...”

“No. Don’t ask me to...”

“I’m begging you!”


“You will...” Asami whispered before taking a deep breath, “...or you’ll perish.”

  The creature pushed the warrior away and granted such a powerful blow with her tail that Korra was sent flying away, hitting on one of the columns of the temple. She groaned in pain.

“Asami! Stop!”

  She barely dodged another strike, so strong that brought the pillar down, collapsing the ceiling in the area.

  With the dust and most of the torches out, darkness deepened. Korra instinctively wielded her sword.

“Don’t do this! Asami!”

“Asami is no more.” A cold lifeless voice confirmed. “And your story ends here.”

  A dark shadow changed directly to her. Korra shut her eyes and brandished her sword.

  Something hit the floor... then silence.

  Korra opened her eyes, slowly at first... but when she saw the headless body of the one she had wanted to save, the blade crash on the ground and the girl kneeled... defeated.

“I’m sorry... Asami... I’m sorry.”

  She couldn’t hold the tears back anymore. Her blurry sight hardly let her see, but even though, in the blackness around, she was able to see the other woman’s head... blindfold still in place.

  Korra drag herself near it, taking it softly and bringing it closer to her chest. The expression on it was almost peaceful.

“Forgive me.” The so-called-hero pleaded. “I... I promise you...”

  The woman took the blindfold off, revealing a pair of stunning jade eyes. Korra smiled softly at the irony and understood... the beauty of this girl’s eyes was enough to bring down any enemy, entire armies could have surrender to them... even the whole empire.

“I promise you’ll never be alone again.”

   Those eyes glowed like the green, fresh grass of the Elysian Fields. And on its depths, Korra saw a vivacious, young, gorgeous woman... loose long raven hair, full red lips, perfectly shaped breast, lovely jade eyes and a pair of long, toned legs... running toward her with a bright wide smile.

  Asami bounce onto the strong woman’s arms, enjoying the power, the heat. And when she finally fixed eyes with her champion, she could see the clear blue skies in them, quiet and gentle, but passionate and intense, like the ocean itself.

  Without hesitation, the two woman looked for eternity in each other's lips. And with that first and final kiss, they draw into nothingness.

_______________________________THE END.
Ancient Greek Mythical Korrasami AU (SLVV)
Ok, this story started in my head as a comedy, more because of the "Medusami" name that cracks me up every time I read it... but it suddenly turned into something else. I believe I, as Korra, am fighting with the dark part of myself. Call it sadness or depression, whatever it was, it almost forced me to write this. Sorry if it was too intense for you, sorry if you expected something better and I disappointed you. But I'm not sorry to have writen this.

On a side note I just wanted to emphasize how much the legend of Medusa touches me and of course how much I like greek mythology. ;)
Korrasami - ...Is called LOVE (SLVV) by SandraLVV
Korrasami - ...Is called LOVE (SLVV)
Hi, people!
I just noticed that my sketches had become quite better that before and they take less time to make. :boogie:
So, that means that I might be posting (if my creativity allows it) more and more Korrasami! Which is perfect because we're running out of time with this being the last book!  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Korrasami 'Thank you gift' - New In Town by Jeem

Finished! I hope Jeem likes it. This is my way to thank her for being an amazing person and a great Korrasami shipmate who’s wonderful stories are read and enjoyed by many of us. ;D

Her fanfic, New in Town by nightworldlove, is exclusively Korrasami , but of course I had to fill up the club… and for that, I choose (from left to right):

Kyoshi (she’s the giant in the corner of course), Kuvira (way in the back, doesn’t know what’s she’s doing here but she’s ready to conquer), Viya (Jeem’s OC who at first tries to hit on Asami), Yasha (Another OC by Jeem), Korra (a total cutie), Kya (who’s trying to make Lin to enjoy herself a little), Lin (who wants to run like hell), Asami (our gorgeous and perfect protagonist), Ty Lee (who’s hitting on her girl like ‘Hey, there sweet sugar cakes’) and Azula (who’s tired of the crowds and wants to take her girl right back to their place). XD

Korrasami - The Perfect Threesome (SLVV) by SandraLVV
Korrasami - The Perfect Threesome (SLVV)

I found my perfect threesome! And I’m happy this pic turned out pretty good… for a crafty sketch that is. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I believe I was inspired… unlimited thanks to: Meganeburhapsody and the amazing story she wrote for my previous drawing. I LOVED IT!

Korrasami - We meet again (SLVV) by SandraLVV
Korrasami - We meet again (SLVV)
I know we all dream of them meeting with hugs and kisses… but this just haunted my head. XD

Sketch because there’s no time to do it right!

Expect more of this shoddy workmanship. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻



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